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One God, many different views


Jews view their God as a stern master, punishing them for every little misdemeanour.  Their vision of God is one of fear and hence they talk of being “God-fearing” people.

Christians view the same God as a remote father figure who can only be approached through his “human” son.  God still rather remote, but he is offering redemption to those who seek it on bended knees.  Though God is said to be “love”, this love can’t be experienced directly and certainly not without mediation of an intermediately – Jesus, saints or priests.

Muslims view the same God as an exacting master whose will must be obeyed.  Their God is hell-bent on world domination and though he must be able to achieve it on his own, he prefers his followers to fill rivers of blood to do it !  Though peace is proclaimed, it is peace on God’s exacting terms and there is no free will !

Hindus believe God can be viewed differently.

God can be a mother, father, friend, lover, child, teacher or even an adversary !
God is formless and hence can be given any form the devotee wants !  You can create whatever relationship you want with God ! 

Abrahamic religions assert God created man in His own image.
Hinduism creates God in the image of its followers and hence God’s form is as varied as the imagination of its followers !


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