Why do we perform the rituals after death ?


As humans, we are sentimental creatures.  Of all the emotions we feel, the pain of loss is one of the most intense.   Usually death deprives us of our ability to say “goodbye” gracefully.   Since time immemorial, we have invented ways of saying “goodbye” to those we know will never come back.

The rituals we have around death, and the dead, help us deal with this continuation between life and death.   They help bridge the generation gap.  They help us find closure and help us to continue with life.

What is life, death, soul and samsara ?  Hindu views on soul and samsara !!

Reasons behind Hindu rituals after death.

Reasons behind western rituals after death.


Remember, these are theories.  Like all theories, they are based on human experiences.  Depending on where, when and how you lived, you would have a different view on life.  Like the story of the elephant and five blind men, each describing the elephant according to his own examination, ancient seers, from around the world, have explained the world as they saw it.


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