1000 names of God !


Hindus love to recite the "sahastra nama" - 1000 names - of their favourite God / Goddess on festive occasions. New moon, full moon and other important occasions in the cycle of nature are considered to be ideal times to do the 1000 name puja.  Marriages, births and other family occasions are made more auspicious with the sahastra nama puja.  The 1000 name puja is often accompanied with offering of flowers, water, rice or sacred leaves (tulsi or bilva) with each name. 


Sometimes children ask us – why do we do this ?  Why recite 1000 names ?  Why not make do with 100 ?  


Answer is - To really know a person, you need to know about what they do, what they like, dislike, what their key strengths and weaknesses, what skills they have, what they have achieved, their lila etc etc etc.  1000 name of Vishnu, Shiva, Lalita, Devi, Hanuman, Ganesh are that God / Goddess’s biography.  Once you understand the names, those names will reveal the “ideals” we worship in that “idol” of, Shiva, Lalita, Devi, Hanuman, Ganesh etc.


Here are some links to these on the web -  

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vishnu_sahasranama - Vishnu sahastra



http://www.astrojyoti.com/ls1.htm - Lalita sahastra



http://www.saivism.net/prayers/sahasranamam.asp - Shiva sahastra



http://ganapati.perso.neuf.fr/anglais/sri-ganesha-sahasra-naamavali.html - Ganesh sahastra


In case of Purushottam Sahastra nama, Shri Vallabhacharyaji picked out 1000 key events of Shri MaadBhavatam and associated them with 1000 names of Shri Krushna. Hence, reciting the Purushottam Sahastra allows us to visualise lilas described in SMB’s 12 chapters.

To get free audio copy of Purushottam Sahastramana - sung by Goswami Shyam Manoharji, click on the link





Poster print from early 1900s of SatyaNarayan bhagwan, encompassing the entire story in a single picture.


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