Comparing Other Religions with Hinduism


Comparing miracles between Christian and Hindu Scriptures

Are all religions "Equal" ? mirage of the millennia  

Tears of Hindus & Jews vs tears of muslims

Problems with islam - what they can't see

Some key points that differentiate between Hinduism and Semitic religions

Comparing Hinduism with the Semitic religions - Christians, Jews and Muslims

Sanatan Dharma and its off-springs of Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism

Comparing answers to the questions regarding Death from major sects of Hinduism and other world religions

Conversions - what Hinduism needs to do to stem the flow.

Science Museum in London panders to islamists with money

Relationship between Christ and the Christian God

Differences between spirituality, religion and philosophy

Story of Ajamil, last minute redemption Sects are fossils of a bygone time
Comparing Pushti Marg with Chaitanya marg (eg ISKON) My analysis of Abraham, patrich of the Semitic tribes
How "universal" is Christian GOD ? My analysis of Moses's life
Some simple statistics about sacred scriptures from around the world  


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